Chanel Poesie & Evocation Rouge Allure Inks

Poesie (232)

Poesie (232) Rouge Allure Ink Matte Liquid Lip Color by Chanel is a light-medium peach with warmer undertones and a satin shine that took about half an hour to wear down to a matte finish. It was surprising how much lighter it seemed in actuality than it did when swatched on my arm. The texture was originally light, thin, and water-like, but it did solidify slightly as it dried down over time, so it didn’t slide about. The liquid lipstick provided a semi-opaque color payoff in one application that lasted for five hours and didn’t feel drying or moisturizing.

Evocation (234)

The Chanel Evocation (234) Rouge Allure Ink Matte Liquid Lip Color is a deeper, coppery-red with a satin texture and a little warmth. It took roughly a half-hour to achieve a semi-mattified finish. The texture was thin, almost watery, but it provided mainly opaque coverage in one coat and didn’t emphasize lip texture. However, it could have dried down faster so it didn’t sink into my deeper lip wrinkles as easily (I had to smooth it out as it was setting). This shade lasted for five and a half hours and didn’t feel dry.