Chanel Mediterraneen Eyeshadow Quad

Mediterraneen (747)

Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow (747) by Chanel is a new warm-toned neutral color story with four variations on gold. On the lids, all four shades had a lovely texture that seemed to melt and meld together, giving them a seamless, flattering finish. The pigmentation ranged from semi-opaque to opaque, but they could be built up and used with a dampened brush for more coverage if desired.

Mediterraneen #1

Mediterraneen #1 is a dirty gold with a pearl finish and subtle warm undertones. The eyeshadow had a deep color payoff that stayed put on bare skin and diffused smoothly along the edges. The texture was firmer and slightly dense to the touch, but the powder was finely milled and easily blended. After eight and a half hours of wear, this shade began to fade.

Mediterraneen #2

Mediterraneen #2 is a light-medium gold with a shimmering, metallic finish and warmer undertones. It picked up easily with a dry brush because the texture was moderately dense, firmer but not stiff to work with. It had a semi-opaque, buildable color coverage that applied evenly and “melted” into my skin for a seamless look. It lasted for eight and a half hours before starting to fade.

Mediterraneen #3

Mediterraneen #3 is a medium peachy gold with a pearl sheen and strong, warm undertones. It had an opaque color payoff and a smooth, moderately firm texture that wasn’t too thick or stiff, so it picked up well with a dry brush but required a light touch. It lasted for eight and a half hours before visibly fading.

Mediterraneen #4

Mediterraneen #4 is a deep olive gold with a metallic sheen and subtle warm undertones. Although very finely milled and smooth to the touch, the texture was slightly powdery. The powder blended seamlessly with my lid, giving it a pearl-like sheen. It had mostly opaque, buildable pigmentation that lasted for about eight hours and a half.