Chanel Fidelite & Timeless Rouge Allure Laques

Chanel Fidelite (75) Rouge Allure Laque (2020) is a muted, medium red-brown with warm undertones and a natural sheen. It had semi-sheer color coverage in a single layer, though it was marketed as higher coverage; it could be built up to semi-opaque coverage with a second layer (which was very doable).

The product felt more like a liquid balm initially–lightweight, thin, and emollient–and quickly developed into a more gel-like consistency that was still on the thinner side and had only light tackiness. It was comfortable to apply and to wear, and it did not seem as prone to emphasizing my lip lines as some other shades in the range that ran sheerer. This shade stayed on decently for five hours and felt moisturizing over time.

Chanel Timeless (80) Rouge Allure Laque (2020) is a deep, reddened berry with cooler undertones and a satin sheen. It had nearly opaque color payoff that adhered evenly and smoothly across my lips. The texture felt lightweight and more like a liquid balm–thin and full of glide–but developed into a lightly tacky, slightly thicker consistency that was comfortable and hydrating to wear over time. This was one of the longer-wearing shades in the range at nearly seven and a half hours of solid wear–and left a subtle stain behind. The consistency felt more emollient and like a liquid lip balm initially, and within 30 seconds, it transformed to something slightly thicker, denser, and tackier, which helped to keep the product in place better. I also felt like over time, the color seemed to look more even and was less likely to sit in my lip lines, but this could take an hour or longer to be visible.

It was felt rather lightweight and had more of that “satin shine” the brand claimed after an hour or two of wear, and it felt significantly less tacky. There are other formulas on the market that have a similar start and finish in feel (going from something thinner to something thicker and tackier), but the tackiness wearing down faster with Chanel’s formula ended up reducing longevity significantly. The color lasted between five and seven hours with deeper, more pigmented and brighter shades lasting longer than lighter ones. They did not survive that well through a meal, and for something that is marketed as lasting up to 12 hours, I’d expect better survivability. They were very comfortable and hydrating to wear, though, and they left my lips in better condition after wearing different shades over a few days. They had a floral scent but didn’t yield a noticeable taste for me.

And no, these are nothing like the previously-released Rouge Allure Laque formula. The older formula has more like a literal liquid lipstick, so it was creamier, thicker, and the formula didn’t change or set after a minute or so; at most, it wore down to a more satin to semi-matte finish after a few hours of wear (as any glossier lipstick might). While they share the same name, they’re really different types of formulas.