Chanel Elegance: Jennie Kim from Blackpink Graces the Cover of ELLE France

In the realm of global fashion dominance, the members of Blackpink are making an indelible mark, and Jennie Kim, adorned in Chanel, graces the cover of ELLE France in resplendent pink. This K-pop powerhouse quartet, comprised of the talented artists Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé, has not only captured the hearts of music enthusiasts but has also seamlessly carved a niche in the fashion world. Among them, Jisoo’s association with Christian Dior, Lisa’s collaboration with Celine, and Rosé’s alignment with Saint Laurent highlight their undeniable influence. Notably, Chanel promptly seized the opportunity to bring Jennie into their fold.

Magazine curators worldwide have astutely featured the phenomenon that is Blackpink, with appearances on prestigious covers such as ELLE, Vogue Hong Kong, and Vogue Korea—just to name a select few. This feat has been accomplished within a remarkably brief span of time, both collectively and individually. The band’s unprecedented success and fervent fanbase consistently drive these publications’ choices. It’s a common occurrence that at least one Blackpink member graces a Korean fashion cover almost every month—an astonishing testament to their appeal.

In a latest show of admiration, ELLE France has designated its cover for one of the brilliant talents from Blackpink. Jennie Kim’s presence illuminates the pages of the magazine’s August 23, 2023, edition. The enchanting visuals, captured by the lens of Camilla Akrans and brought to life by the styling expertise of Park Min Hee, showcase the South Korean luminary in a pink Chanel jacket—a choice perfectly in sync with her role as the brand’s ambassador.

To explore further, delve into the captivating cover story that accompanies Jennie’s ELLE France feature. Here’s a glimpse of her journey through the lens of this iconic fashion publication.