Chanel Carte Blanche & Penombre Ombre Premiere Top Coats Reviews & Swatches

Carte Blanche (317)

Chanel Carte Blanche (317) Ombre Premiere Top Coat is a pale white with neutral-to-warm undertones and a sparkling finish. It had semi-sheer pigmentation, as expected, that worked well for layering on top of other eyeshadows to add sparkle or applied all over the lid for a sparkly wash of product.

The texture felt lightly emollient but was flakier–like I could sense a bit of powder in the base but there was a moderate amount of flake-like sparkle that came off the surface. The product applied with minimal fallout, though it had the least fallout when applied with fingertips (one of the suggested methods of application per the brand). It wore well for eight hours with light fallout over time.

Penombre (327)

Chanel Penombre (327) Ombre Premiere Top Coat is a light-medium, green-leaning pewter with subtle, warm undertones and a sparkling finish. This shade had a more noticeable base pigment to it as it noticeably added color wherever it was applied, but it was still more transparent and had sheer to semi-sheer coverage in a single layer, which worked well as a “top coat.”

The texture felt smooth to the touch, lightly emollient but not too firmly packed into the pan, so it picked up well a dry brush, wet brush, fingertip, or the included applicator (the latter two are the methods suggested by the brand). The product applied evenly and blended out easily on my skin, though some of the sparkles spread a bit further than I would have wanted, so I’d recommend using smaller, more precise brushes if placement is a concern. I had very minimal fallout during application, and there was only a smidgen more after eight hours of wear.