Chanel Burst & Unexpected Rouge Coco Bloom Lip Colours


Burst (142)

Chanel Burst (142) Rouge Coco Bloom Lip Colour is a rich, medium-dark red with subtle, cool undertones and lighter, ruby red pearl that gave it a soft, pearlescent sheen. It had mostly opaque color coverage in a single layer, which was buildable to full coverage with a second stroke. The texture was smooth, lightweight, and lightly creamy–not quite as balm-like or as emollient as other shades but better for it as this ensured the color and pearl dispersed evenly. It wore well for four and a half hours, felt lightly hydrating, and left a faint stain behind.

Unexpected (144)

Chanel Unexpected (144) Rouge Coco Bloom Lip Colour is a deep red with neutral-to-cool undertones and a glossy, cream finish. It had semi-opaque pigmentation with a translucency to it, which gave it a more balm-like look, so while not opaque, it still had a richer level of color in practice. The consistency felt smooth, lightly creamy, and had moderate slip, which ensured it was comfortable to apply and to wear. I didn’t find it feathered or bled on me, though I am not prone to either. It lasted nicely for five hours, left a faint stain behind, and was moisturizing.