Chanel Brun Affirme & Rouge Conquerant Rouge Allure L’Extrait Lip Colours

Brun Affirme (862)

Chanel Brun Affirme (862) Rouge Allure L’Extrait Lip Colour is a richer reddish-plum with warm undertones and a cream sheen. It featured an extremely smooth, creamy, and denser texture that was still lightweight but more substantial than the brand’s previous formulae. It provided a rich color payoff that applied evenly and appeared to smooth up the majority of my lip wrinkles. It lasted five and a half hours and felt hydrating over time.

Rouge Conquerant (864)

Rouge Conquerant by Chanel (864) Rouge Allure L’Extrait Lip Color is a brighter, medium-dark red with warm undertones and a cream finish. It had semi-opaque color coverage, giving it a more transparent appearance. The texture was lightweight, mildly creamy (but not so much that it slipped around too easily), and easy to wear because it didn’t stick on my lip texture or settle into my lip lines. It lasted for five hours and left a little stain, and the product was moisturizing to wear.