Certain Activities May Be Causing Your Feet Pain

Certain activities may be causing your feet pain, one of the most hardworking parts of your body. If you’re unaware of them, it’s best to educate yourself as soon as you can, as they can cause a slew of problems. Learn more about these unhealthy practices by reading on.

Wearing Shoes Without Socks

Some men skip putting on socks when wearing close-toed shoes because it’s convenient and trendy. While there’s nothing wrong with expressing your personal style, this habit can be harmful to your feet. When you opt not to wear socks with your shoes, the number of bacteria in your shoes can grow by as much as 200 per cent. This increases your chances of developing problems like toenail fungus, infected blisters, athlete’s foot, and unpleasant foot odour. To ensure you maintain healthy and good-smelling feet, it’s best to pair your shoes with some comfortable socks.

Whatever your tastes in fashion may be, you’re sure to find a couple of pairs that suit your style. Many brands offer men’s socks in several designs, colours, and styles. You can also find many different sock types, ranging from casual to dressy, that can match your modern lifestyle. If you still want to pull off a sockless look, go for no-show or low-cut socks instead of going without them.

Wearing The Wrong Shoes

Apart from giving your feet ample protection against the elements, the right pair of shoes can also help you perform certain activities better. Hence, you need to select the most appropriate types of footwear for the kinds of activities you plan to do. For example, if you have to stand up or walk for long periods, don’t wear flip-flops or flats. Instead, put on a pair of shoes that offer proper support for the arches and heels of your feet. When you choose the right shoes, you’ll not only keep your feet healthy, but you’ll also be pain-free even if you stay out and about for a while.

Wearing High Heels

Image: Laura Chouette/Unsplash

For many women, wearing high heels is a stylish statement. It can also be one of the reasons why your feet are hurting, especially if you wear high heels all day long. This fashionable footwear is often linked to various foot problems including calluses, strains, ankle sprains, and stiffness of the Achilles tendon. If you want to keep wearing heeled shoes, you can opt for a pair that’s no higher than two inches. You can also wear wedges as they offer more stability, decreasing the pressure on the toes and arches of your feet. In addition, avoid tight and pointy shoes. They can push your toes too close together, which can cause bunions and hammertoes. These conditions can be painful and limit the movement of your feet.

Getting Foot Spas

Image: Rune Enstad/Unsplash

Heading to the salon to get pedicures and foot spas are often thought of as self-care activities. Unfortunately, foot spa basins can be home to bacteria that can enter tiny cuts on your skin. To avoid foot infections, don’t get any pedicures or foot spas done if you have small bites or scratches on your feet and lower legs. It’s also a good idea to wait at least 24 hours after waxing, shaving, or using hair removal cream before receiving any kind of foot treatment.

Exercising The Wrong Way

Image: Jonathan Borba/Unsplash

Exercising is a good way to keep yourself healthy. If you do it improperly, though, you could end up injuring your feet. Your feet are made up of many muscles, bones, soft tissues, and joints that are prone to injuries. When you do your workouts too quickly or push your body too far, you may end up with stress fractures, which are very small cracks that can develop in the bones. When doing any type of exercise—whether it’s jogging, jumping, or dancing—make sure not to do too much, too soon. Take your time to warm up and stretch before beginning your physical activity of choice.

This can help prepare your body and prevent you from injuring your feet. If you’re just starting a new routine, take it easy and don’t force yourself to do more than you feel capable of. Stress fractures are painful and can take a lot of time to heal—around six to eight weeks, in fact. This won’t just disrupt your physical health goals, but your personal plans, too. Keep this in mind the next time you’re tempted to overexert yourself.

Driving Too Long

Image: Jessica Furtney/Unsplash

If your profession requires you to regularly drive long distances or for long periods, this may cause you to experience foot pain. Whenever you drive, you’re constantly putting tension on your ankle and foot whenever you hover over or press down on the gas and brake pedals. Repeating these movements for long enough can strain your leg and foot. It can also put too much pressure on your tendons, resulting in inflammation and pain. Your feet go through a lot every day. However, some activities you do could be hurting your feet. Thus, it’s important to learn about these unhealthy practices and find ways to avoid doing them. In case you experience persistent feet pain, it’s best to consult your physician immediately.

Featured image: Unsplash