Céline Dion Releases New Vocal Dance Track “Flying On My Own”

The last person we’d expect to release a new dance track on this New Music Friday is Céline Dion… and yet here we are. That being said, pop and electronic music have been becoming more and more muddled, the lines blurred ever further, over the past few years. So, this kind of production isn’t entirely a shock, especially as the singer has been spotted hanging out with producers like Steve Aoki as of late.

Today, she’s come out with a new track called “Flying On My Own” that calls back to classic house/trance songs of the early 2000s. Dion’s vocals pair perfectly with the stadium-sized synths and huge melody; despite the song’s unexpected origins, this is undoubtedly a banger. Check out “Flying On My Own” below.

Photo By Denise Truscello