Celebrating One Year of ASCENSION, Wakaan label head Liquid Stranger Presents A Powerhouse Remix Pack for “Psychonaut,”

Celebrating one year of ASCENSION, Wakaan label head Liquid Stranger presents a powerhouse remix pack for “Psychonaut,” showcasing some of bass music’s finest in one fell swoop. Featuring eight brand new remixes from 12th Planet, AstroLizard, Blanke, Hydraulix, Krischvn, LICK, Luzcid, and Mersive, the compilation takes us down the “Psychonaut” rabbit hole. Each remix taps the original, while offering new and exciting perspectives.

Liquid Stranger shares of the release:

We are all Psychonauts in our own way. We all at some point have recently braved the unknown, and explored new realities. As a celebration of ‘ASCENSION’ being a year old, I wanted to celebrate with a bass-centric remix pack showcasing diversity!

There’s no need to play favorites, as each producer has a riveting, bass heavy take on the production.

Listen here!

Liquid Stranger – Psychonaut (Remixes)

Photo via Rukes.com