CBD Manicures Are the Relaxing New Way to Treat Yourself

CBD is having a major moment right now. From oils to serums, the nonpsychoactive substance is popping up everywhere in the beauty realm and for good reason. It fights free radicals, moisturizes and won’t irritate sensitive skin.

So we’re not surprised that CBD manicures are now a thing. Beverly Hills-based Bellacures salon even launched a Canna-Cure Mani featuring soaking, scrubbing and moisturizing treatments with CBD products.

So what does a session entail?

A soak in CBD bath bomb-infused water kicks things off. Up next you’ll be treated to a CBD-based scrub. Then a CBD lotion is applied to relax those sore and tired muscles. And this is all before getting your nails done.

Of course, you can replicate the experience at home. You just have to have the right products. So we rounded up the best CBD picks for your DIY mani.