Caviar Launches 18-karat Gold Apple AirPods Pro

The world’s most popular wireless headphones hit the market in 2016, and have made the wishlists of every kid, adult and professional ever since. While wireless Bluetooth devices were nothing new, the seamless capability and responsiveness of the AirPods were groundbreaking.

With an accelerometer for gestures, dual optical sensors, dual beamforming microphones for phone calls and a second accelerometer for speech detection, AirPods were the audio markets gamechanger. With three updated versions, Airpods now come with customizable charging cases, size options for comfort fit and noise cancellation for an uninterrupted listening experience.

A symbol of prestige, trend and status, the AirPods have transcended the realm of technology and entered the fashion industry. This year, French luxury fashion house, Louis Vuitton jumped in on the hype, unveiling their own tiny monogram trunk AirPod case, revamping Apple’s minimalistic design with its iconic gold-tone hardware featuring a chain and clasp closure.

Creating a one-pair of Apple’s latest Airpods Pro, Russian luxury brand, Caviar launched a presumably weighted audio accessory this month. Wrapped in 18-karat gold, these Airpods will easily burn a hole through your wallet. Priced at $67,280, the Caviar’s Airpods feature a matching gold charging case made from 750-content gold, plus alternative leather cases ranging anywhere from $1000 to $1450 for premium choices such as alligator leather or python skin.

Although the Caviar AirPods have sold out, the brand’s history of creating gold-plated Apple products date back to 2011, where it presented two collections of precious devices based on the iPhone 4s. Offering clients more than blinged out smartphones and tablets, Caviar released exclusive gold, hand-engraved versions of the Apple Watch in 2015 plus a dedicated iPhone model in 2017 commemorating the meeting of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. With an A-list clientele of world famous hockey player, Alexander Ovechkin, musician – Fred Durst, actor – Steven Seagal, boxer – Roy Jones, among many others, Caviar’s journey of bedazzlement continued through 2018 with their unique rendition of the iPhone X Tesla which absorbs light energy to prolong battery life.

With another mesmeric creation under its belt, there’s no telling what more Caviar has in store for the future. Perhaps now the key to cherishing our accessories and devices are in owning their ridiculously expensive alternatives.