Caviar Crafts a Bespoke Collection of Gold Plated Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultras

From the creators of the gold plated Harley Quinn and Joker Samsung Galaxy Z flip phones to the immaculate golden AirPods – Russian company, Caviar is back again with an even more impressive launch… This time, for android and playing card enthusiasts.

Inspired by the four iconic card suits, each release is presented in the form of a joker, heart, diamond, spade or club. Utilizing Samsung’s latest technology and features, including the 10x Hybrid Zoom and 100x digital zoom function, the bespoke Caviar versions offer alternative ‘Ace Editions’ comprising of 999-content gold, black or red composite onyx and an engraved brand logo.

Of their five exclusively masterful creations, the premium 24K gold plated Joker effortlessly steals the limelight, showcasing expert relief engraving, black onyx, and composite kirinite. Adorned with 3 gleaming rubies and 3 sapphires, the Galaxy S20 Ultra Fortune Gold Joker is touted as the most elaborate model of the phone to date.

Priced between $5,290 for the Ace edition, to $39,900 for the Gold Joker edition – each release is limited, with only 21 pieces per design.