Cat-Eye Nails Are Trending Just in Time for Halloween

Achieving the perfect cat eye can be tricky, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Same goes for cat-eye nails. The feline nail art is trending and surprisingly easy to pull off.

The whole idea is to draw a thin line that resembles, you guessed it, a cat’s eye. A great option for short or unevenly shaped nails, cat-eye nail art is peak Halloween, especially with its spooky shimmer accents. Use a thin, gel-based polish to create the eye-catching look to minimize the need for retouches.

Here is the best cat-eye nail inspo from Instagram to amp up any Halloween look.

Disco Kitty

The ideal cat-eye nail art starts with a metallic base. Play up the contrast by applying two different shades for serious Studio 54 vibes.

Image: @dittaenails

Out of This World

Add a little galactic edge to a typical cat-eye mani with some starry accents.

Image: @xbeautybyalisha

Witch Way

Take the traditional cat-eye mani up a notch with stiletto nails. These talons are the perfect complement to any bewitching costume.

Image: @fab_gab_nailz

Green With Envy

Make everyone else jealous with a chameleon cat-eye mani. And it’ll amp up an alien outfit or any of a handful of creepy creature costumes.

Image: @emmanaylor_nailartist

Sleek Shimmer

The sparkling ombre copper streaks really pop against the black base.

Image: @justannievee

Not-So-Boring Bordeaux

These wine-colored cat-eye nails are worth wearing long after October 31.

Image: @nailslashlab


Paint your nails a terrific teal shade. Then add cat-eye designs to your middle and ring fingers to heat up the winter mani.

Image: @cura_mani

Mix and Match

Cat-eye manis look fetching on shorter nails. Use two separate shades, but limit the striking cat-eye design to only one color.

Image: @meraki.beautysalon