Cashmere Cat Answers Fans’ Questions During Reddit AMA Session

Cashmere Cat is celebrating the release of his second studio album. Princess Catgirl took a different step than his debut album 9 with the lack of pop-heavy features. He wanted to find a place to answer questions from fans, and like many artists before him, he went to Reddit for an unfiltered question and answer session. He answered questions about production, inspiration, unreleased collaborations and more. We also were reminded once again how adorable Cashmere Cat is. Check out some of the highlights below and check out the entire AMA session here.

What Movie Soundtrack Would Cashmere Cat Compose?

Will Princess Catgirl Continue To Live On and Future Collabs with Kacy Hill/FKA Twigs?

Tips For New Producers + Cashmere Cat Doesn’t Like (Too Much) Sugar

Any Unreleased Tracks With Mssingno?

How Important Was Mirror Maru For Cashmere Cat’s Career?

How Has Cashmere’s Cat Style of DJing Changed?

How Does Cashmere Cat Handle Writer’s Block