Cartier Revolutionizes The Art of High Jewelry Design with ‘Magnitude Collide’

The Théia

Ushering a new phase in the evolution of high jewelry design, Cartier introduces its latest collection entitled Magnitude Collide. Featuring a rare marriage of both precious and ornamental hard stones, this stylistic collection balances expert technique with the brand’s unique flair for creativity with an array of bold, panache materials.

The Zemia

Steering away from a long history of utilizing fine stones, the Maison explores refreshing looks with new, different and authentic gems, hand-selected by adept industry professionals. Through recognizing the unique beauty of every baroque cut, shape, light effect, shimmering nuances and surprising color, the Cartier jewelry masters aim to convey the distinctive personality and origin story of each piece.

The Yuma

Fascinated by the rich offerings of the mineral world, Cartier’s history of blazing the trail with audacious choices, have since set the stage for unveil of Magnitude Collide. Their incorporation of contrasting material, positions each gem in a dialogue that flits between opacity and transparency, the mineral and the precious, pure colors and shimmering nuances – alluding to ideas of ‘earth and light’.

The Équinoxe

Through an interplay of lines, ruptured rhythms and flowing movements, each design translates into a powerful confrontation, with six treasurable pieces including, the Aphélie, Théia, Équinoxe, Yuma, Soreli and the Zemia.

The Aphélie

Featuring a striking gem of handsome density and mysterious material, the pink gold Aphélie necklace is centered by an eye-catching, needle-woven brown rutilated quartz. With warm colors and transparency effects, the necklaces emanates depth. Unleashing a sun-drenched dazzle with the inclusion of articulated tassels, the piece appears to curve effortlessly whilst remaining spiky. Creating perspective with onyx, the necklace is cheered by touches of coral, pink diamonds, clean lines and a lightweight feel.

The Théia

Structured around a striking ensemble of seven round-shaped Colombian emeralds, matched perfectly with rock crystals motifs to create a rippling reverberation – adding sparkle as the reverse of the rock crystal section is faceted throughout. The Théia is thus, a product of expert geometry and optical illusion as the design borrows code from kinetic art, and incorporates contrasting colors with the skilful use of transparency. Featuring the signature Cartier pairing of green and black, each onyx element functions as a graphic signal, punctuating every emerald, quartz and diamond. Worn as a necklace, a brooch or an a chain, the Théia is one of Cartier’s many transformable pieces.

The Soreli

Traversed with strands of light, the secret Soreli watch gleams with life that sparkles over rows of diamonds across the cuff, and is centred by a cabochon-cut rutilated quartz laden with inclusions. Selected for its intense radiance, honeyed tones and cabochon curve, the translucent stone is flanked by kite-shaped and brilliant-cut diamonds – creating a generously sun-drenched, organic material which contrasts with the order of each diamond’s complex graphic motifs. With the press of a tiny release button, the Soreli unlocks to reveal its shielded watch dial.