Cartier Introduces a New Collection of Objects and Accessories

Infiltrating daily life with an all-new selection of stylish objects, Cartier equips us for every occasion. From music boxes to writing papers, the brand’s longstanding tradition to create simplistic yet intriguing accessories, perfumes, and stationery, was established as early as the 1880s. Through decoration, writing and travel, Cartier explores everyday life, like it explores the cultures of the world.

Cartier Objects

The brand’s S for Silver department – intended for the creation of luxury gifts and useful objects such as lighters, pocket watches and belts – emphasizes the unique attachments each individual, including Louis Cartier, the founder’s grandson, forms in relation to their accessories, “…we do not only produce luxury jewelry. I would say, monsieur, that jewelry like ours is as capable of adorning a woman’s shoulders with a dazzling necklace as it is of filling her handbag with a powder compact, a mirror, a small comb and even business cards, all stamped with the same seal of originality and art.”

Cartier Objects

Showcasing four collections which revolve around themes of decoration, writing, childhood, and games, Cartier responds to the innate desires of each individual, to bring joy and beauty into the lives of those around them. The collection therefore begins with a selection of precious and irresistible materials, such as, metal, porcelain, leather, paper, and cashmere – all of which are choices influenced by a criteria of elegance and durability.

Cartier Objects

Ranging from practical to playful, delicate to portable, for young and for old, each collection exists in perfect harmony, linked by emblematic codes of panther, double C, or ribbon motifs. These stylish objects, be it a trinket tray and vase, or a jewelry case and watch box, thus feature an array of distinct decorative elements.

Cartier Objects

In Cartier’s second collection, dedicated to the joy of writing, these objects continue a tradition that has been carried forward since the creation of the first fountain pen. Featuring sketchbooks, pencil boxes, ink pads, notebooks, stationery, and invitation cards, amongst a multitude of other intricate objects, the art of writing is also enhanced with accessories featuring panther or ribbon motifs, for seamless continuity.

Additional designs include a butterfly, rabbit, panda and fox, each with stylized eyes featuring motifs of the Maison logo, stamped on childhood objects: an egg cup, a rattle, a tumbler, a silver photo frame and a cashmere blanket.

Beyond the comfort of relaxation and privacy, or the beauty of decoration and hobbies, homes often present opportunity to entertain. With a collection of irresistibly playful objects embellished by the Maison’s great symbols, and depicted on a miniature scale, Cartier invites us all to a solitaire game of blocks.

Intended to provide an ideal, and wholesome living experience, Cyrille Vigneron, President and CEO of Cartier International describes the selection as a, “…range of objects, designed to keep with you or to decorate your home. For your own enjoyment, or gifted to your loved ones as a physical sign of affection, all are imbued with elegance and refinement making this a state of mind as well as a collection.”

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