Carter Fox’s “Cosmic Bird Lullaby”: A Tranquil Lo-fi Masterpiece Inspired by Nature

In a mesmerizing fusion of jazz, laid-back lo-fi hip hop beats, and the serene sounds of nature, esteemed producer Carter Fox presents his latest offering, “Cosmic Bird Lullaby.” This new release shines brightly within the highly anticipated Birds & Beats beat tape from Chillhop Guru, a renowned label featuring over 50 artists united in crafting tranquil music inspired by the natural world.

As you’ll soon discover, “Cosmic Bird Lullaby” beautifully showcases Fox’s exceptional talent for blending familiar, nostalgic melodies with a soothing, peaceful ambiance that encourages both rejuvenation and introspection. This track will transport you to ethereal realms, leaving you eager to experience Fox’s future creations. In addition to this single, Fox has also generously shared his new eBook titled “How to Effectively Release & Promote Your Music as an Independent Artist.”