Carnage Wraps Up Trilogy Of EDM Comeback Tunes With “Holy Moly”

23 days ago, Carnage dropped “Blitzkrieg” with Nazaar, setting off a chain reaction of bass and heavy sound that is finally culminating today with “Holy Moly.” After putting out “Letting People Go” and “Wait For Me” earlier this year, Carnage felt like it was time to return to his roots, albeit with a modern twist. The three tracks are wild and chaotic, powerful and unrelenting. “Holy Moly” is maybe the craziest of them all, with an equally crazy music video to match. The drop is pure disorder and pandemonium, heavily textured and unable to be contained. The music video is about a trained group of nun assassins. If that alone doesn’t get you interested, I’m not sure what will. Watch the video below.

Grab the track here.

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