Carl Cox Drops “Techno Beast” of A Track, His First Solo Single In 2 Years

It’s been years since Carl Cox dropped a solo single — and with “PURE” (El Rancho Mix) he reminds us exactly what we’ve been missing. Simply put, “PURE” is magnificent in every sense of the word. While it may already sound familiar to fans who have seen his live sets, “PURE” is a shiny new production that powers forward with momentum from the jump, only gaining steam as it progresses. Deep, lush synth work immediately catches our ear, which transitions into layers of rave alarms and sparkling melodies — then it dives deeper, back to its reverberated core, accentuated by a pounding beat, soon filling out the 8-minute journey.

The man himself opens up about the new single:

This techno beast is my first solo release in some time and I’ve already secretly tried and tested it at my appearances around the globe, people have been going wild when it drops! It’s a real thrill to see the crowd reaction when I drop PURE into the mix. The thing about this one is that it grabs hold with a million techno-tentacles and won’t let go! Even I can’t resist when it comes on!

“PURE” is out now via Cox’s own 23rd Century Records and it was well worth the wait. Enjoy this masterful track to the fullest.

Carl Cox – PURE (El Rancho Mix)

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