Cargo Shorts Are the Utilitarian Way to Beat the Heat This Summer

We don’t have to tell you that it’s been one #HotGirlSummer. And in the oppressive heat, even those who typically make sacrifices for fashion are making practical concessions. If you’ve been wilting this summer sporting your oh-so-trendy cargo pants, you need to lighten up.

Cargo shorts (or utility shorts as some like to call them) are just as versatile as their longer counterparts. Cargo shorts work with boxy blazers just as well as they do with scarf-printed tops. Plus, they tie right in with fashion’s current utilitarian obsession. Cargo shorts earn extra points because they show off your bronzed legs. (Just don’t forget sunscreen.)

Short or long, traditional khaki or unexpected pink, sturdy cotton or satin, giving off dad vibes or leaning more minimalist, there are tons of cargo short options.