Capshun Puts Listeners On Notice With “Rising”

Capshun has been quickly catching the attention of many with his exuberant take on trap music. Easily echoing the shadows of his idols, the artist is back to show off his latest production. “Rising” delivers a pleasant listen, backed with an expansive atmosphere, the tracks soothing tones will easily melt into your heart. As you allow yourself to warp into another dimension at the hands of Capshun, we have a feeling “Rising” is going to leave just more than a lasting impression. Stream the track below.

“Rising” is special to me. Similar to my song “Solace,” it represents my transition from my military lifestyle into the civilian world. I had a hard time when I came back home adjusting to everything and now I finally feel comfortable and I am rising from that low point in my life and finding myself again. – capshun

Capshun – Rising