capshun Astounds With His Recent Release, “Push Me Away”

capshun astounds with his recent release, “Push Me Away,” out now on Slow Roast Records. Mixing emotive vocals with an icy, textured opening, the production instantly pulls on our heart strings before dropping into a savage drum and bass progression. The balance between elegant, haunting moments and a fierce, gritty beat make “Push Me Away” an exceptional, refreshing listen all the way through.

The Dallas-based producer has consistently turned heads with a number of standout collaborations including “I Need” with Sasha Rome, “Fever Dream” with Jon Casey, “Revival” with chromonicci, “Acai Tower” with Quiet Bison and “Vibe” with Avae. This one, however, is all him. With a steady mob of releases over the past few years, the capshun project is about to explode, even more so than it already has. Listening through, we get an exciting rush hearing the producer’s innovative and compelling approach to music.

Listen here and link up with capshun below!

capshun – Push Me Away