capshun and Colson XL team up for a new innovative take on ero808‘s ‘#tattoos’

capshun and Colson XL team up for a new innovative take on ero808‘s ‘#tattoos’ a melodic guitar driven emotional ballad. capshun and Colson XL give new life to ‘#tattoos,’ fusing the record with upbeat emotional anthemic risers and energizing leads. Clicky trap synths flip the original record on its head as capshun and Colson XL showcase their sound design virtuosity. The drop creates blissful soundscapes of the intensity, uncertainty and excitement of new love.

With an upbeat percussion and rhythmic flow throughout the break Colson XL and capshun take this darker record and harness a sense of hope felt through ero808’s gripping vocals.  Check out what ero808 said about working on ‘#tattoos’:

“I sent an acoustic version to cap. Mind you, I was nobody. I mean, I still am nobody, lol. But cap heard something in it, and he took a chance with it. And I’m super grateful for that. His production really embodies it. And brought it to a whole other level. A level I couldn’t even imagine. That first drop is insane! And then he got the Colson XL Boys on it for that second drop, and second half of the song. Good lord, I remember when I first heard the whole thing together. My mind was absolutely blown. I’ll never understand how they put so much heart and emotion into everything they do. It’s crazy to me.” – ero808

Stream ‘#tattoos’ below or purchase it here.