Canadian Retrowave Artist Riotron Teams Up With Timmy Trumpet On Remix of ‘Justin’s Song’

Canadian singer-songwriter Riotron has joined forces with Australian club sensation Timmy Trumpet to give a fan-favorite track, “Justin’s Song,” a vibrant hardstyle-inspired makeover. Timmy Trumpet’s magic touch has revitalized the original track, infusing it with an uplifting energy that only he can deliver. This new single retains the darker, melancholic chords of the original while adding a radio-ready vocal hook and Trumpet’s signature blitzkrieg style, resulting in a dynamic club jam that’s sure to get the crowd moving.

A Musical Transformation

“Justin’s Song (Timmy Trumpet Remix)” takes the listener on a journey from the melancholic depths of the original track to new, electrifying realms. The fusion of Riotron’s songwriting and Timmy Trumpet’s dancefloor expertise has created an anthemic experience that’s set to captivate music lovers everywhere.

The Artist Behind Riotron

Riotron, the brainchild of singer-songwriter Jeff Fettes, originates from Winnipeg, Canada. His musical style is a fusion of 80s synthwave, EDM, and jazz, resulting in a truly distinctive sound. The name “Riotron” is a creative blend of Duran Duran’s hit song “Rio” and the iconic 1982 sci-fi fantasy film “Tron.” Jeff Fettes’ artistic vision knows no bounds, and he continues to push the boundaries of dance music with his unconventional and innovative collaborations.

What Lies Ahead

For fans of Riotron, there’s much more to look forward to. Expect a series of exciting remixes, visually captivating experiences, and Riotron’s first full-length album, set to drop in the upcoming year. “Justin’s Song (Timmy Trumpet Remix)” is released via M3 Recordings, promising an electrifying addition to Riotron’s ever-evolving musical journey.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Riotron and Timmy Trumpet has breathed new life into “Justin’s Song,” turning it into an infectious club anthem. With Riotron’s unique musical blend and Timmy Trumpet’s expertise, this remix is set to leave an indelible mark on the dance music scene. Keep an eye out for more exciting releases from Riotron as he continues to push the boundaries of his artistic vision.