camoufly “FAITH” EP

Camoufly, a mystery producer, presented The Giant EP on listeners everywhere in August of 2021. With each bubbling synth, The Giant’s sounds revealed nostalgia and sheer exhilaration, bursting with soaring melodies and euphoric breakdowns. Camoufly, who coined his style as “kawaii bounce,” is back with the last installment of his three-part EP series. FAITH is a compilation of five high-vibrational tracks that will definitely resonate with anyone who begin on the trip.

FAITH captures the spirit of the word from beginning to end, with worldly atmospheres and clever sound layering. When all seems lost, FAITH’s ethereal tones, musical flair, and halcyon rhythms can provide peace. Knowing FAITH means climbing out of emotions of despair and hopelessness, urgently seeking calm in the midst of life’s tumult.