Calvin Harris Takes Love Regenerator On Live Stream For Another Two Hours Of Glorious House

Calvin Harris is back with his second Love Regenerator live stream! After the success of the last one last week, a second one was bound to happen and we’re left with another two hours of glorious house music.

Compared to the stream last week, there are far fewer Calvin/Love Regenerator tracks (only two) in the mix, instead keeping the vibes to other artists. Could these be the track requests he saw last week? We’re not going to dig through the thousands of comments to find out, but it’s probable at least a couple of these are. Though, a lot of people were asking for Calvin’s biggest hits and that’s not what these streams are about.

If you’re into the groovier side of Calvin Harris, there’s no better time to dig into the novelty of Love Regenerator. Check out the stream below and go to the video description for the full tracklist!