Calvin Harris Drops New EP “Love Regenerator 1”

A full day ahead of when he first said his new project Love Regenerator would drop, the new EP from Calvin Harris is officially here. The project contains four tracks, “Hypnagogic (I Can’t Wait)” and “CP-1” and edits of both. First thing to note is that Love Regenerator will be a distinct alias for this more techno/house-influenced sound from Calvin, as the name is now registered as its own verified artist on Spotify. Second, this new sound is very techno/house-influenced as Calvin reveals his inner Chemical Brothers.

“Hypnagogic” is a serene and beautiful song with an incredible melody, lots of acid synths, and an addictive break beat. “CP-1” on the other hand is a harder techno song with pounding kicks and minimal synths, but still bringing in a bit of that acid sound.

This is miles and miles apart from his Funk Wav Bounces project, but more in line with his most recent single, his 2019 update of “I’m Not Alone” released last year.

You can listen to Love Regenerator 1 below.

Photo: Mike Davies