Calvin Harris Drops Another Addictive Love Regenerator Pack [LISTEN]

Calvin Harris is hitting us once again with Love Regenerator! It seems the producer has caught the love bug, at least when it comes to his music. In 2020, Harris has consistently put out feel-good tracks laced with love. First with “Hypnagogic (I Can’t Wait)” and “CP-1” followed by “The Power of Love II” and “Regenerate Love.”

Next up, “Peace Love Happiness” and “Give Me Strength” build on Harris’ newfound concept with nostalgic sounds and infectious energy. With each Love Regenerator release, we’re also treated to edits and remixes, which makes the music all the more satisfying to indulge in.

Harris commented on the new project: I am now solely in the business, and have been for the last four years, of making music to make me feel good in the hope that it makes other people feel as good, or even just a little bit as good and improves their day.

The latest installment of Love Regenerator is bound to do just that! Listen here! More on Love Regenerator here.

Love Regenerator 3

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