Calvin Harris Brand New Track,“By Your Side” ft Tom Grennan

Calvin Harris is serving up feel good vibes with his brand new track, “By Your Side” featuring Tom Grennan. The song is the definition of infectious, with a bouncy beat, bright synths, and lyrics that inspire happiness. Perhaps the best part of the release has been witnessing how genuinely excited Calvin Harris is to get this particular production out into the world.

He shares of the track:

…this new one, it felt nostalgic to me in a nice way. The sort of thing that nobody else is making it, so that feels good. And regardless of how it does or whatever, it felt really nice to me.

As for the possibility of a new album, we shouldn’t hold our breath. The producer reveals in a new interview via Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, he’s much more dedicated to putting out “fun” music with “zero pressure.”

For me, it’s making records that make me feel good in the hope that other people feel good from it. I’m a service provider. If you want to listen to my songs and you enjoy them then that’s absolutely fantastic. I don’t really ask for anything more than that for me.

That being said, “By Your Side” is an absolute blast — listen here!

Calvin Harris – “By Your Side” ft. Tom Grennan