California BTRAP Group Member BabyGreedy’s New Track ’60 Barz’ is a Thematic Hip-hop Saga

Upcoming California BTRAP Group member BabyGreedy’s newly released track ’60 Barz’ is a creative mix of some of the best lyrical and rhythmic patterns of hip-hop.

Hip-hop glory and outspokenness have captivated me yet again with upcoming artist BabyGreedy’s newly released song ’60 Barz’. A reformative take on thematic conductions in music with a lyrical flow meandering across the ebb and flow of hip-hop’s socio-cultural revolution, the track is literally and figuratively instigating me to find closure with myself. From the various synchronized characteristics of musical arrangement to the design of lyrical and rhythmic resonance, the song had me right after the opening prelude. Never has any song been able to penetrate my conscience into accepting the right and wrongdoings of life through a mystifying rhythmic intensity.

BabyGreedy is part of the California BTRAP Group BTRAP Multimedia Group who has encompassed the various stanzas of hip-hop with his unparalleled interpretations and creative nuances. The song ‘60 Barz’ has already completed multiple cycles on my playlist and currently adding to its computing one more record of plays as I write this. From humor to the slapstick, thematic reassurance to a versatile auditory signal, the song is many things. His other songs ‘Can’t Trust’, ‘In My Drawz’, ‘Killa’, and ‘Pound Cake’ are also beautifully submerged in hip-hop’s glorious expressions. Follow him on YouTube and Instagram to experience the best summarized modern-day hip-hop.

BabyGreedy – 60 Barz(Official Music Video)[HOOD MUZIK][GANG GANG]

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