Caesarosiris crafts a record titled ‘SCARY TIMES’ that takes the audience on a ride through the scary times we are living in

Director Caesarosiris designs a perfectly fitted music video ‘SCARY TIMES’ with catchy visuals and rhythms that indeed well highlights the scary times’ everyone is dwelling in.

Caesarosiris has designed and dedicated his latest music video by keeping in mind the present day scenario which allows listeners to escape entirely from the weight of the world. Crafted with utmost skill and arranged deeply emotively, the track is musically immersive and its provocative songwriting is quick to connect with. ‘SCARY TIMES’ goes on to delve unwaveringly into creative freedom where expressive vocals meet with dramatic visuals. It is a fine example of profound storytelling which gradually envelops the listeners with its compelling ideas and scenes.

Director Caesarosiris focuses on the deeper meaning involved as he makes the entire project extremely compelling with the attractive visuals involved. The artist present in the video has well highlighted the deeper meaning of the song with layers of improvisation and good intention intertwined. The record’s title is very well suited and the whole soundscape is hauntingly beautiful. A mass wave of instrumental music guides the song that creates a sense of mood and pace significantly longing. The video shows an entire surrounding that very well describes the time we are living in. Perfectly highlighted with an expressive act the song shows off the director’s ability to craft something very progressive and influential. If you are someone who enjoys listening to immersive music, then watch the video on YouTube now.

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