C.H.A.Y. Releases New ‘Your Interpretation’ EP on Mau5trap

It’s been around eight months since C.H.A.Y.’s last EP on mau5trap, but the wait for Your Interpretation has been more than worth it. Spanning three phenomenal tracks, the young producer now adds his own vocals to the mix for an ethereal and personal effect that is by and large a step up in quality. The EP opens with the title track, “Your Interpretation,” a classic sound for mau5trap with crunchy synths and lush melodies. “Keychain” and “Virtual Landscape” are more favorites of my own, though, personally. Each track has its own unique sonic signature that different fans might find uniquely appealing, though house and techno fans should have no difficulty whatsoever in completely devouring the full project. You can listen to Your Interpretation out on mau5trap below now, and get it here.