Burning Man Will Soon Make A Decision On Whether Or Not A 2021 Event Will Happen

Burning Man will soon make a decision on whether or not a 2021 event will happen. According to Burning Man Journal’s most recent update, it’s still “too soon” to know if the community will gather on the playa this year. However, organizers are aiming for an answer by the end of this month.

Burning Man has been extremely transparent throughout its decision-making process, and remains so with the following statement:

“Safe enough to move forward” is not the only consideration at play. Is this summer the right time to build Black Rock City together? What are the cultural and social implications of BRC happening this year? Just because we technically might be able to do the event, it doesn’t mean we necessarily should, or will.

Burning Man hopes to have a “go/no-go” decision made by April 23 — or at the latest, April 30. An update will be provided every Saturday until that happens.

CEO Marian Goodell’s latest update took place over the weekend, which can be streamed below.

Source: Burning Man Journal | Photo courtesy of Burning Man