Burberry Kisses Cedar Rose, Boysenberry, Midnight Plum Sheer Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches


Cedar Rose (281)

Burberry Cedar Rose (281) Kisses Sheer Lipstick is a muted, medium mauve with heat undertones and a luminous, pearlescent sheen. It had extremely high-quality shimmer strewn all through that gave it a luminous end that was a bit shiny, a bit pearly, however it wasn’t frosted or metallic. The pigmentation ranged from medium (one layer) to principally opaque (two layers) the place there was a touch of my lip freckle peeking by means of. It had a light-weight, balmy consistency that some slip however didn’t really feel unduly slippery on the place the colour actually shifted round. There was a really slight quantity of product that gathered in my deeper lip traces however wasn’t noticeable from a traditional viewing distance. It lasted nicely for 3 and a half hours and was moisturizing over time.

Boysenberry (289)

Burberry Boysenberry (289) Kisses Sheer Lipstick is a brighter, medium plum with delicate, heat undertones and cooler, fuchsia and violet pearl. The shimmer was very high-quality, and there was solely a dusting of it; sufficient that there was a delicate shimmer-sheen end however didn’t learn “shimmery” after I checked out my lips in a mirror. The consistency was light-weight, emollient with the glide of a extra liquid balm. The colour protection was medium in a single about one layer, after which buildable to semi-opaque protection with two to a few layers. It wore nicely for 4 hours with out feathering and was hydrating whereas worn.

Midnight Plum (297)

Burberry Midnight Plum (297) Kisses Sheer Lipstick is a medium-dark, reddened plum with delicate, heat undertones and high-quality fuchsia micro-shimmer dusted by means of the colour. It had semi-sheer, buildable pigmentation to medium protection with two layers and and semi-opaque protection with three layers. It had extra translucency in comparison with most shades (which frequently regarded creamier), so in case you have a tendency to love lip stains and extra blotted colour, it could be an excellent match. The lipstick was easy, emollient, and felt prefer it “melted” because it glided throughout my lips, although I didn’t expertise any feathering. It stayed on nicely for 4 and a half hours and was moisturizing over time.