Buku Drops A Brand New Slapper On Wakaan, “What You See”

It’s almost disingenuous at this point to say any moderately sized artist is slept on, because they will always have their own dedicated group of fans. But, more accurately, Buku should have way more fans and listeners for how consistently amazing and innovative his productions are. His new track out today, “What You See,” is a perfect example of what the Pittsburgh-native is capable of in the studio. It starts out super wonky with a lot of spacey arpeggio synths as it brings in the oscillating beats to build suspense ahead of the drop. As everything begins to crescendo, it ebbs and flows, building even more space. It’s still over a minute before the drop and there’s been literally nothing but anticipation.

Then, finally, it explodes. It’s aggressive but in the sort of way Muhammad Ali is aggressive, that sort of float like a butterfly, sting like a bee mentality. It’s calculated, it’s light on its feet, but if you’re not careful, it’s gonna hit you right across the jaw. The second drop is copy + paste, which isn’t always a good thing… unless the drop is this good. Then, by all means, give me more. Check out “What You See” from Buku below, out today on Wakaan!