Bronze Whale & Poles Deliver Magical New Single “Austin Is Fading”

Indie-electronic duo Bronze Whale have created something truly breathtaking with their newest single “Austin Is Fading.” Always showcasing an incredible display of balance between indie chill music and futuristic bass, the Austin based duo’s expertly crafted track is the perfect song for relaxing after a long day. The duo partnered up with long time friend and label collaborator Poles, whose real name is Austin, whom the track is named after.

We tend to write late, like really late. So without fail, someone one of us usually passes out in the studio. That was the case with our buddy Austin (Poles) who was working on this song with us. The name stuck, but when writing the lyrics, I decided to explore what the town we live in (Austin, TX) means to us and how drastically it, and our relationships within it are changing. We’ve been towing the line of indie and electronic for a while now, finding a warm middle with our love of hip-hop and R&B. – Bronze Whale

Check out the track for yourself below.

Bronze Whale & Poles – Austin Is Fading