Bronze Whale Pairs Up With Poles On “Hold. Wait. Fall.”

The Austin based duo, Bronze Whale has time and time again proven themselves to be masters of lush soundscapes and intricate production. Each track carries their signature sound and delicately remains between the genre lines of indie-electronic, R&B and hip-hop music. Their latest single “Hold. Wait. Fall.” comes as a collaboration with long time friend Poles, and delivers on everything one would expect from the duo with resonate pads, crisp percussion, strumming bass and of course their sultry smooth topline. Each lyric drives forth emotion while developing a picture of giving into someone even if it’s a bad idea. It demonstrates the power someone has over you, to where you’re willing to make the mistake of loving them, even when you know it will end poorly. This track comes as one of many the guys have in line for the year – so stay tuned to find out more.

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Bronze Whale x Poles – Hold. Wait. Fall.