Brik.Liam Releases New EP “What’s The Matter, Brik?”

We personally hope nothing is wrong with Mr. Brik.Liam! R&B crooner Brik.Liam releases the new EP ‘What’s the Matter, Brik?’ Marking his Morton Records debut, the project is a multi-layered, transparent journey through the concept of physical transformation: the tracks are named for all four states of matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma), intersecting the transitions that come between (Sublimation, Condensation, Ionization), and the feeling of heartbreak behind the music is as wrenching as the molecular dissolution suggested.

Brik.Liam showcases an aptitude to combine elegant vocal ability and brilliant concept writing with this EP. “When I think about the records that I love the most, they’re all complete experiences,” states Brik.Liam. “The titles, the song order, the key changes, they all share a purpose. It’s essential to me that all the elements work together to tell a bigger story.”

Along with that story, ‘What’s the Matter, Brik?’ embodies the continual change Brik has faced in a life subjected to the impermanence of his stepfather’s Army postings. Before landing on stages with Lalah Hathaway, or touring Russia and breaking the Top 10 on iTunes’ R&B Charts, Brik.Liam was a military child growing up across Virginia, Texas, Germany, and his mother’s church choir. It offers insight on the mindset of the black military family, which is a concept rarely explored, but done so well by Brik.Liam.