Bridal Shower Gift Ideas (and Etiquette Basics All Guests Need to Know)

Let’s be real: weddings are stressful. And not just for the couple planning the nuptials. Weddings often require serious time and money commitments from guests, which can be especially stressful given how many people live paycheck to paycheck (including many with great jobs) and have limited amounts of free time. The bottom-of-the-barrel minimum you should be spending for a bridal shower gift is $75, according to Danielle Rothweiler, founder of Rothweiler Event Design. “If you’re close friends or close family involved in the wedding party, the price range increases to over $100,” says Rothweiler. “Some family members might not be any closer to the bride than certain friends are and there’s no reason to shell out a huge amount of money for someone who is family but that you haven’t seen in years.”

She goes on to underline that if there’s a shower registry, it’s expected you’ll purchase something from that list. “These are items that the couple has selected together that they either like and/or need. It’s not up to the guests to determine that there’s something else that the couple might want instead.” If the registry is out of your price range (we all have those friends who only register for $500 Hermes plates), give a gift card from that same store.

If there’s no registry set up, you’re in luck. It means you have the flexibility to give something that reflects you, the bride and your relationship. We’ve compiled a list of options that suit brides with a variety of personalities at a variety of budgets. Because the truth is, even if the norm is $75-plus, that’s not feasible for everyone.

It’s also worth noting that the cost of your bridal shower gift shouldn’t be based on how fancy the shower is. The idea of covering the cost of the plate isn’t even a thing anymore; guests shouldn’t feel pressured to match their gift to the level of the shower.