Brian Angel, of the renowned group Day26, Unleashes a Romantic Ballad with “I Wanna See”

Brian Angel, known for his incredible contributions to the iconic group Day26, is back with a mesmerizing solo single titled “I Wanna See.” This heartfelt track serves as an intimate and romantic tribute, highlighting the importance of showering your loved one with the luxuries they deserve.

“I Wanna See” marks the first offering from Brian Angel’s highly anticipated album, “#IAMBRIANANGEL,” scheduled for release later this year. The song features the talent of Bay area native Yung Lott, adding an extra layer of depth to the track. With production credits to Diny Beats and songwriting contributions from Traxx Sanders, Ike Jenkins, and Brian Angel himself, this musical creation is a true collaborative effort.

Prepare to be swept away by the enchanting melodies and heartfelt lyrics of “I Wanna See.” Brian Angel’s soulful vocals and heartfelt delivery will undoubtedly resonate with listeners, igniting feelings of love and appreciation. Stay tuned for the release of his upcoming album, as we anticipate a collection of musical gems that will captivate fans old and new alike.