Breaking News: Feint Ditches Labels! You Won’t Believe What He’s Released Now!”

After more than a decade of shaping the drum and bass landscape, Feint is once again charting new territory with his latest project, “Farcall.” Opting for an independent release, Feint demonstrates his dedication to innovation and artistic freedom.

“Farcall” stands as a testament to Feint’s expertise in the drum and bass genre, offering listeners a rich auditory experience blending smooth rhythms with intricate technical skill. While rooted in the genre’s traditions, the track distinguishes itself with its unique approach and personal flair, offering listeners a captivating journey into Feint’s creative process.

Feint, also known as Andrew Hu, has been a driving force in the drum and bass world, significantly shaping electronic music both in the UK and beyond. His remarkable streaming numbers, with hundreds of millions of streams and a monthly Spotify listenership of 770K, underscore his influence and broad appeal. Feint’s early collaboration with Monstercat marked a pivotal moment in his career, solidifying his status as an innovator in the genre.

Collaborations with artists such as Koven, MUZZ, Fox Stevenson, and Laura Brehm have enriched the drum and bass community, introducing diverse sounds and perspectives. Feint’s global reach is evident in his performances at major events and tours worldwide, including appearances at Liquicity, Rampage, and tours in China, highlighting his international fan base.

Feint’s discography, featuring hits like “We Won’t Be Alone” and “Words,” showcases his talent for blending emotive melodies with the energetic beats of drum and bass, resonating with audiences globally. His evolution from an emerging artist to a leading figure in electronic music speaks to his talent, creativity, and commitment to pushing genre boundaries.

With “Farcall,” Feint not only continues to produce groundbreaking music but also solidifies his position as a visionary artist in the drum and bass scene. His dedication to exploring new sounds while staying true to his roots promises an exciting future for his fans and the electronic music community as a whole.