Brandon Strife Remains Brutally Honest To Express His Journey through a Strong Performance in ‘Trippin (Lo-Fi)’

As happens with very few hip-hop songs that massively influences the listener from the very first beat, Brandon Strife’s latest creation undoubtedly takes part in that league. According to me, this California hip hop artist has managed to pull off the perfect hip-hop sing with his impressive rap style that turned and made me feel superbly energetic with its interesting sound pattern. The artist creates energetic hooks with his powerful voice and the well-timed lyrics simply add to the overall flavor of the song. On ‘Trippin (Lo-Fi)’ the rapper showcases his experiences as he strives to recover from every bad incident and thrive in the demanding world.

It is great pleasures to listen to him speak with honesty and express his genuine thoughts, and also being able to weave them with finesse in the form of a catchy song. Trippin (Lo-Fi)’  has very witty songwriting as Brandon Strife discloses in how he has gone through a lot of things that have significantly shaped up his music be it weed, alcohol, or just complete self-doubt accompanied with a delusional perspective. His immense positivity to face things head-on is a massive striking point and made me relate to his song completely. Well, I prefer listening to his track on Soundcloud and catch up with his all-new updates on both Twitter and Instagram.

California hip hop artist Brandon Strife release his “Trippin (Lo-Fi)” track on Soundcloud :