Bradd Marquis Unveils His Latest Single: “O U”

Experience the sensational new single “O U” by the talented artist Bradd Marquis. This captivating track is the first release from his upcoming EP, “I Choose You.”

In “O U,” Marquis takes us on a heartfelt journey, revisiting the initial moments when he and his wife first crossed paths, sharing their love, and the profound connection that ignited between them. This track is a beautiful ode to the magic of love at first sight and the immediate chemistry that can spark a lifelong bond.

With his forthcoming EP, “I Choose You,” Bradd Marquis is poised to fulfill the desires of R&B aficionados who have been longing for authentic and soulful music. The EP promises to continue the legacy of Bradd Marquis as an artist unafraid to express the deep, enduring emotions of love, marriage, and unwavering commitment. Marquis’ music resonates with those who understand the beauty and power of these sentiments, offering a profound connection with his audience.

As Bradd Marquis releases “O U” and prepares to unveil “I Choose You,” he solidifies his position as a gifted musician who celebrates the essence of love and the profound journey of matrimony, sharing his unique experiences and emotions through his artistry. Stay tuned for the complete “I Choose You” EP to witness the continuation of this extraordinary musical legacy.