Brad Mullins Unveils Electrifying New Single ‘Spine’ with a Modern Rave Twist!

Emerging from Sydney, rising star Brad Mullins has just dropped his latest game-changing track, ‘Spine.’ After the buzz around his recent hit “Day And Night,” ‘Spine’ brings a deep, mysterious, and uplifting dance vibe that’s perfect for any time, whether you’re hitting late-night parties or chilling during the day.

Taking cues from various influences, this diverse track puts a modern spin on classic rave tunes, guiding listeners on a captivating sonic journey that’s signature to this up-and-coming artist. Right from the get-go, a captivating vocal hooks you in, riding over a dynamic breakbeat, leading into a thumping bassline and an array of intricately crafted electronic sounds, beats, and melodies. ‘Spine’ marks a milestone, signaling a new chapter for Brad Mullins.