Bottega Veneta’s First Ever Hospitality Café Opens in Osaka

Since his appointment in July 2018, Bottega Veneta’s youthful creative director, 33 year old Daniel Lee has been making waves domestically and across shores. Praised for sharpening up the Italian luxury fashion house, Daniel Lee has successfully rebranded, modernized and rejuvenated Bottega Veneta’s appeal and relevancy. Playing on the brand’s historic strength, Lee bred new life into its iconic signature intrecciato braided leather through his new ready-to-wear spring/summer 2020 collection of bags and shoes.

This British designer continues forward, going above and beyond expectation with every new venture. His latest – Bottega Veneta’s first hospitality café in Osaka, serving Italian aperitivo and wine.

Measuring 55sqm, the Bottega Veneta Cafè is directly accessible from the brand’s boutique located on the second floor of the Hankyu Men’s department store. Its design, revolves around the concept of lightness – exploring the blurred boundaries between interior space and a perceived exterior. Incorporating bold colors, Lee evokes innate intrigue through emphasizing its tension between the lighter elements found in-café.

The transition to an elevated level, is highlighted by Terrazzo Palladiano flooring, crafted from a variety of Venetian marble and bright pink neon signage. The Bottega Veneta Café is more than a sophisticated Italian eatery, it’s overall architectural design eludes to the idea of a balcony which looms over the city with a glass garden wall exposing natural greenery which connects to other white plastered walls.

Complemented by a generously curved plywood bench and ribbed glass windows, the café features its signature intrecciato espresso leather supported by sensual wooden structures, Bottega blue tables and a bar – punctuated by deep green and black flooring.

Inspired by both the fashion house and traditional Italian staples, the Bottega café’s specially curated menu includes coffee, tea, juices, and an exclusive wine selection from the Veneto region, plus an array of desserts and salty aperitivo bites.

The Bottega brand dates as far back as 1966, originating from Vicenza, Veneto, with an atelier located within an 18th century villa in Montebello Vicentino. Revered for its sophisticated leathercraft, the Bottega café represents an extension of the hallowed house’s prestige – offering guests more than a literal taste of luxury.