Bottega Veneta Presents Cool and Comfortable “Clothes To Live In” at Milan Fashion Week

Sophisticated elegance, savoir faire, and “clothes to live in” sum up the latest Bottega Veneta mantra. Under the creative direction of 32 year old, fashion designer, Daniel Lee, Bottega’s most recent collections exude cleanliness in a “back to the essentials” approach.

Kicking off the Fall/Winter 2020 show in Milan, Daniel transports guests through time with a live cello and violin set, amongst a series of ionic Greek columns, lemon trees and white screens. Appealing to both the youthful and matured, Daniel’s designs are timeless.

Featuring sequin dresses, flared pants, knitwear and jerseys, stretchy-tailored suits, neon and technical elements, lacy tops, form-fitting trench coats, sportswear and hints of a rock and roll aesthetic – all three of Bottega Veneta’s Fashion Week shows did not disappoint in showcasing Lee’s exceptional workmanship, instinctual color planning, and thoughtful design.

In creating stretchable suiting, Bottega Veneta prides itself in crafting clothes which instead of appearing rigid, now move with its wearer, giving consumers a sense of comfortable confidence – right down to the sole.