Boots that are versatile enough for men and women

Versatile types of boots for both sexes

Let’s be honest, quality boots don’t often come cheap, which means you probably want to find a pair that are suitable for different occasions.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a killer pair of boots that can serve more than one purpose? Boots that are comfortable enough to wear down the shops on a Saturday afternoon, without raising a disapproving look from a nightclub doorman later that evening.

A variety of styles to choose from

Let’s look at some styles suitable for both men and women to give you a great smart and casual look ready for all occasions.

Chelsea boots…

Chelsea boots are a great slip-on style option to suit both men and women. They were originally designed as an ankle boot alternative to the lace-up riding boots of the time which were found to be hard to remove unassisted.

They’re a great option that pairs well with trousers or jeans and with the elasticated fitting you can just slip them on and off too. You can find a more detailed post on Chelsea boots here.

Ankle boots…

There is a great selection of lace-up style ankle boots to choose from if slip-ons aren’t your thing. Gents can find a wide array of this type of boot in the men’s boots from Dune.

Lace-up style boots are very popular among men but there is also a wide variety of this style with a larger heel geared towards Ladies too

Hiking boots…

Don’t be fooled by the name, hiking boots have been a bit of a fashion accessory for a number of years now. They are versatile enough to be popular in various fashion genres as well as being multi-functional footwear.

They’re a great option for everyday use due to their hard-wearing nature but can also work well in a more formal environment too.

Ladies can find some very trendy pairs of hiking boots but be warned most of them don’t come cheap!

Biker boots…

These are another great alternative to a hard-wearing boot although they tend to be more of a fashion accessory for women rather than men.

Not dissimilar in style to many of the hiking boots on the market, biker boots tend to be fastened by a buckle, over the laces found on most hiking style boots. They often have some sort of toecap as well.

What’s the right style for you?

Never be stuck deciding what to wear on your feet again with these options for boots for all occasions.

No matter what you’re wearing or where you’re going we believe there is a pair of boots out there to cover all your bases.

It’s just up to you to work out what the right ones are.