Boombox Cartel’s Cell Tour Is A Stepping Stone To Becoming A Major Headliner [REVIEW]

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It almost appears as if the world is in the hands of Boombox Cartel right now. Possessing the undivided attention of dance music fanatics across the world, Americo Garcia cannot stop from solidifying his position as an artist and performer. Embarking on one of the most epic ventures in his career, Boombox took on another major headlining tour across North America. Investing efforts into the production and visuals, The Cell Tour sought out artistic fulfillment that prevailed.

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As the tour made its way to San Jose California, a sold-out crowd packed the venue to see exactly what Americo is up to. The show really translated the brand of Boombox Cartel into reality. Performing inside a steel cube, the cell-like structure was complemented by an abundance of visuals that shared sights of security footage, prison inmates, and more. It was striking to see all the pieces fit into the puzzle so well but that wasn’t the only thing that took our breaths away.

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Delivering an impactful set, the DJ took us on a rollercoaster of emotions. Offering various flavors of the project, we were treated to an array of styles that echoed the sounds of Boombox Cartel. It felt right, it was beautiful yet intense at the same time. Sneaking in a couple of unreleased ID’s, we even had the chance to witness Americo shred the guitar for a cover of Juice WRLD’s “Lucid Dreams.” All in all one thing remained certain, Boombox is very much on the way to becoming a major headliner. An exciting one, to say the least.


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