Boombox Cartel Shows His Soft Side With New Single “All I Want”

On the surface, most people equate Boombox Cartel with heavy-hitting tap bangers. Dig a bit deeper and you will quickly realize that Boombox Cartel is one of the most prolific writers in any genre with his productions reaching across the genre spectrum. His latest single “All I Want” is a lovely display of his creativity. Sultry and enthralling, the chord plucks set the tone while singer Griff Clawson invites us into this world of temptation. A uniquely layered future bass drop enters the scene tying the theme of this tune together. “All I Want” is an instant hit and I cannot wait to keep it on repeat. Stream Boombox Cartel’s new single below.

Boombox Cartel – All I Want (feat. Griff Clawson)